AOL UK: 0808 234 9279

Call AOL UK on 0808 234 9279

Contact an AOL UK customer care representative on their freephone number 0808 234 9279.

Thank you for calling AOL UK Ltd. If you have questions about AOL Broadband or your internet connection please hang up and dial 0844 499 5555. Let me repeat that for you: 0844 499 5555.

What can I help you with today? You can say ‘reset password’, ‘AOL email’, ‘billing’, or ‘premium services’.

Hmmm, I may have missed that – let’s try this again.

  1. If you’re calling to reset your password, please say  ‘reset password’, or press 1.
  2. For questions about AOL email, say ’email’, or press 2.
  3. For account related issues such as billing, say ‘billing’, or press 3.
  4. For help with AOL premium services, say ‘premium services’, or press 4.

Let me get someone on the line who can assist you. For quality and  training this call may be monitored or recorded.

Thank you for calling AOL UK, my name is (agent name). How can I help you today?

0808 234 9279
10:13, Fri 19 Feb 2016