Audible: 0800 496 2455

Call Audible on 0800 496 2455

Call the customer care team at Audible on their freephone contact number 0800 496 2455 for technical support with your audiobooks or account.

Thank you for contacting the customer care team at Audible UK.

  1. For support accessing your online account, or questions about a recent purchase, press 1.
  2. To become an Audible member, or to review your Audible membership, press 2.
  3. For technical support, downloading or listening to your Audible book, press 3.
  4. For all other questions, press 0.

Or remain on the line for the next available team member.

For quality assistance and training purposes, this call may be monitored or recorded.

Hello, my name is (agent name). You’re through to Audible – how may I help you?

0800 496 2455
11:29, Fri 19 Feb 2016