Why use Freephone UK?

The revolution in online telephone directories has begun. The time for UK freephone numbers (0800 & 0808) and international freephone numbers (+800 / 00800) to reign supreme is upon us.

Freephone UK is the most comprehensive directory on the web dedicated to providing freephone numbers for helping consumers to contact large UK companies’ customer service teams. We also feature non customer service helplines, including sales lines, emergency lines and more.


Get free phone calls

This website features hundreds of popular national and international companies that have working UK freephone contact numbers available – including both the easy and the hard to find numbers. If we haven’t yet got a freephone number for the company you want to call, please let us know, and if they’ve got one, we’ll try our utmost to find it and share it here on this website ASAP!


Avoid paying a premium

Freephone UK emerged from the midst of an incessantly sprawling quantity of unscrupulously spammy online telephone directories seemingly setup simply to make you pay a premium for calls that you shouldn’t need to pay for at all.

  • You can do better than calling regular low-cost phone numbers that begin 01, 02 & 03 and are charged at standard rate. These numbers eat into your free minutes allowances, and if you call from a mobile without free minutes you’re probably paying a small fortune.
  • Look beyond 0843, 0844 & 0845 numbers which these days typically cost 7 pence a minute (plus access charge, which is often huge) to call from a standard UK telephone, earning a little money by the minute for the company you’re calling (and a fortune for your own phone network!) every time you call.
  • Forget the 0870, 0871 & 0872 numbers which these days typically cost 13 pence a minute (plus access charge, often huge), generating even more revenue by the minute for the company you’re calling or their telecoms provider via rebates from their telecoms company (while also earning a fortune for your own phone network provider which charges a premium for ‘access charges’ on these calls).
  • Nevermind the 09 numbers which can cost up to £3.60 per minute or up to £6.00 instant fee, generating tremendous rebate commissions for the companies you’re calling. This is the upper-end of the business-rate service numbers spectrum, which begins with the more humble 084 numbers and steps up to 087 numbers before escalating to 070 numbers and then the highly pricey 09 number range.
  • And certainly don’t call the 118 ‘directory enquiries’ service numbers, which are usually worse than 09 numbers! They usually cost several pounds per minute. It really doesn’t get any worse than 09 and 118 unless perhaps you’re making an international call to the equivalent kind of number in another country – that kind of behaviour could of course bankrupt you overnight!


Understand freephone numbers

With the wake of Ofcom’s reforms on UK phone call costs (effective 1st July 2015), freephone 0800 & 0808 numbers are now not only free from a landline, they’re free to call from mobile phones too. And with freephone 08 numbers, free really does mean free – these calls don’t eat into your free minutes allowances. So there’s no better time than the present to heed our collection of freephone 0800 & 0808 contact numbers. This site also features the occasional 00800 / +800 (international freephone) number.

Please bookmark us, visit us again, share our links, spread the word, join in with our hunt for freephone numbers, and enjoy making zero-pence customer service phone calls from this day forward!