Aviva – Home Insurance – Claims: 0800 012 345

Call Aviva on 0800 012 345

Phone the Aviva Clubline on freephone number 0800 012 345 if you are an Aviva Home-Plus or Travel Insurance holder and wish to make a claim.

Thanks for calling Clubline from Aviva.

  1. To talk to us about a household claim, press 1.
  2. Or for travel, press 2.
  1. To talk to us about a claim you’ve already made, press 1.
  2. For a new claim, press 2.

Just so you know, if you make a claim on your household policy your future payments may change and you might have to pay an excess. If you’re not sure if you should go ahead, have a look at your policy schedule and wording to find out how much your excess is, and check that you’re covered for that type of claim.

If you know the six digit extension of the person you’d like to talk to, please tap it in now. Otherwise, just hold and we’ll get you to one of the team as soon as we can.

Good afternoon, household claims. (Agent name) speaking – how can I help you?

0800 012 345
14:08, Wed 24 Feb 2016