Complete Savings: 0800 389 6960

Call Complete Savings on 0800 389 6960

Contact the Complete Savings cashback scheme for free by calling 0800 389 6960 – call this freephone number to get help with joining, cancelling or simply understanding their monthly subscription services.

Hello and welcome to Complete Savings; the online savings program that helps you save on your everyday shopping. To help us give you an even better service we might record this call. To help you as quickly as possible we’ll need your membership number; you’ll find this on any emails you’ve received from Complete Savings.

So we can get you to the right team to help, we’ve got three options for you:

  1. For questions about your membership benefits, press 1.
  2. To claim cashback, it’s 2.
  3. To leave us, press 3.

Or for anything else, please hold.

Before we proceed I’ll just take some details, so please key in your membership number. Sorry, please type in your membership number. Or if you don’t have it, press the * key.

Okay I’ll put you through to someone who can help.

Good morning, you’re through to customer service. My name is (agent name), so that I can help you today would you be so kind as to provide your full name and your postcode?

0800 389 6960
08:27, Fri 05 Feb 2016