Are 01 numbers free to call?

Technically 01 numbers are not free to call on any UK network, however inclusive minutes can be used (if you have any to spare as part of your contract or bundle) instead of paying the standard monetary charges.

What are 01 numbers?

01 and 02 numbers are a large set of local area code numbers which are registered to personal and business addresses over the entirety of the United Kingdom.

Typical charges for calling 01 numbers

Normally 01 numbers are charged at ‘local rates’ which means you will pay your provider an access fee to connect the call, followed by a per-minute rate which naturally depends on how long the call lasts. Note that the access fee component of these charges is usually higher for mobile customers compared to calls from landlines. However you can avoid paying these fees if your provider allocates the use of free inclusive minutes on your tariff, as Ofcom stipulate these can be used to call local 01 and 02 numbers instead of incurring an additional financial fee.

Minimum call charges for calling 01 numbers (excluding free minutes)

01 numbers’ cost on EE
EE landline customers 12.5p per minute plus a 20p access fee to phone 01 numbers.
01 numbers’ cost on O2
O2 users on a monthly mobile contract will pay a 30p access charge followed by a 30p per minute rate to phone 01 numbers without the use of inclusive minutes.
01 numbers’ cost on Vodafone
Customers with a Vodafone landline will pay 11.5p per minute plus a 19p access charge to call 01 numbers