Are 0113 numbers free to call on EE?

Not quite, 0113 numbers typically used by people and businesses in Leeds are not free to call from UK phones. However inclusive minutes given to you by EE can be used instead of paying a charge, making them essentially free as only your minutes balance will be affected.

Who uses 0113 numbers

0113 numbers are typically registered to both individual residences and business situated within the bustling UK city of Leeds. However 0113 numbers can be purchased by businesses operating outside the normal catchment area for the 0113 area code so please perform checks if you have been called by an unknown number starting with 0113.

Cost of calling 0113 numbers from an EE phone

Although 0113 numbers are not technically free to call you may use your inclusive minutes on your monthly tariff or pay as you go rewards instead to make the call, meaning you won’t actually pay any money to make the call. However if you have run out of inclusive minutes you will have to pay an access charge to EE, which may be more for mobile customers in comparison to EE landline tariffs, alongside a set per-minute rate.