Are 013 numbers free to call on EE?

013 numbers are not free to call from landline and mobile telephones under the current Ofcom regulations. However these also stipulate that inclusive minutes from the network operator, in this case EE, can be used instead of paying a monetary fee.

EE call costs for 013 numbers

013 numbers are local UK phone numbers which are used by several districts and localities in the country. These are all charged at the same rate which comprises of a per-minute fee plus an access charge. If you do not have inclusive minutes on your EE tariff which avoids these charges you should consider calling from a landline rather than your mobile phone, as these may be charged at substantially higher rates. For instance EE landline customers will currently pay a minimum of 32.5p per call as opposed to £1 minimum for mobile calls from pay monthly users.

Major UK areas using 013 numbers

Doncaster (01302)Eastbourne (01323)
Folkestone (01303)Falkirk (01324)
Dover (01304)Darlington (01325)
Dorchester (01305)Falmouth (01326)
Edinburgh (0131)Derby (01332)
Dartford (01322)St Andrews (01334)