Are 014 numbers free to call on O2?

014 numbers are not currently free to call from O2 smartphones, nor are they free of charge for any other mobile network operator.

Background of 014 numbers

014 numbers are a set of local area codes used across the full length of the country, with their most popular example being the 0141 prefix used by the Scottish city of Glasgow. Although these numbers are not technically free to call from any mobile device you can avoid paying the usual charges if O2 have provided you with inclusive minutes on your Pay & Go rewards bundle or through your monthly contract. Otherwise you will have to pay them an access charge and a per minute rate which are detailed below.

Cost of calling 014 numbers from O2 (excluding inclusive minutes)

O2 mobile tariffAccess chargePer-minute rate
O2 Pay & Go30p30p
Monthly contract customers35p35p