Are 0141 numbers free to call?

Normally 0141 numbers are not free to call, however you can still contact homes and businesses in Glasgow for no charge if you get inclusive minutes on your tariff deal as you can use these on all local UK numbers.

Standard cost of calling 0141 numbers

The cost of calling all local UK phone numbers starting with 01 and 02 prefixes is standardised across the UK so it will cost the same to call someone in Glasgow using their 0141 number as phoning any other local landline throughout the country. Normally these charges consist of a per-minute rate which can vary according to when you make the call as well as an access fee which are both paid directly to your landline or mobile provider. Alternatively you can avoid these charges and call 0141 numbers for free if you have inclusive minutes remaining on your tariff as these can be used to phone local numbers as well as national 03 helplines.

Maximum cost of phoning 0141 numbers (without remaining free minutes)

  1. Vodafone customers on a monthly mobile contract currently have to pay 55p per minute plus a 55p access charge to phone 0141 numbers.
  2. Mobile customers on a monthly contract with EE have to pay 50p per minute to call 0141 telephone numbers, although the first minute will cost £1.00 due to a 50p access charge.
  3. Customers on O2 will pay 35p per minute plus a 35p access fee to call 0141 numbers if they are on a monthly contract.