Are 0161 numbers free to call on Vodafone?

You can only phone 0161 numbers for free on Vodafone if you get inclusive minutes on your tariff, plus you will lose these minutes when making the call unlike true freephone numbers which start with 0800 and 0808 prefixes.

What are 0161 numbers?

UK telephone numbers beginning with an 0161 area code are typically registered by default to landlines in the city of Manchester, situated in North-West England. Both people and businesses use this type of telephone number therefore if you have been called by an unknown 0161 number it is recommended that you check the number via internet search engines in case it has been highlighted as a suspected spam caller.

Cost of calling 0161 numbers

Vodafone customers can call 0161 telephone numbers for free if they have inclusive minutes as part of their tariff agreement, otherwise you will have to pay certain charges from your pay as you go balance or an additional payment on your contract. These charges consist of a per-minute rate which varies from 11.5p (landline customers) to 55p (pay monthly customers) as well as an access fee determined by Vodafone.