Are 018 numbers free to call on EE?

018 numbers are not free to call on any UK network in accordance with the rules set by Ofcom most recently in July 2015. However inclusive minutes on your EE landline, pay as you go or monthly contract can be used instead of paying a monetary fee.

What are 018 numbers?

018 numbers, not to be confused with premium 118 hotlines, are a subset of area code numbers which are registered to home addresses as well as local companies. They are no different in terms of call cost in comparison to other 01 and 02 UK numbers which makes these easy to remember. 018 numbers are spread throughout the country from Torquay to the Outer Hebrides to ensure no 018 areas are too close to each other.

Cost of calling 018 phone numbers with EE

Local UK phone numbers are not technically free to call from any mobile or landline network operator. Currently the normal charge consists of a one-off call access fee alongside a per-minute rate however this charge can be avoided if EE has given you inclusive minutes to use on your monthly tariff.

Examples of 018 phone numbers

  • 01803 – Torquay
  • 01823 – Taunton
  • 01843 – Thanet
  • 01865 – Oxford
  • 01872 – Truro
  • 01895 – Uxbridge