Are 019 numbers free to call on O2?

019 numbers are not free to call on any mobile provider, including O2, unless you have inclusive minutes as these can be used to call any 01 landline.

O2 call charges for 019 numbers

O2 customers can call 019 numbers for free only if they have inclusive minutes remaining as part of their Pay & Go rewards allowance or monthly contract stipend. Otherwise you will have to pay an access charge to connect the call then a fee for every subsequent minute, therefore if you have run out of inclusive minutes you should take note of the old adage: “to keep the bill small please limit the call”.

Notable 019 area codes

  • 01902 – Wolverhampton
  • 01904 – York
  • 0191 – Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham
  • 01923 – Watford
  • 01962 – Winchester
  • 01970 – Aberystwyth
  • 01983 – Isle of Wight