Are 019 numbers free to call on Vodafone?

No, UK telephone numbers starting with an 019 area code are not free to call on Vodafone, nor are they free on any other network operator.

What are 019 numbers and how much do they cost to call on Vodafone?

019 numbers are a set of local area code prefixes which denote specific areas (in no particular pattern) throughout the UK. All 01 and 02 telephone numbers, including those starting with 019 prefixes, cost the same to call on your particular network regardless of where you are in the country. Currently Vodafone customers have to pay an access charge of 19p-55p along with a per-minute rate of 11.5p-55p to call an 019 number unless they have inclusive minutes remaining on their monthly allocation, in which case you can use these to phone 019 numbers for no additional fee.

Summary of 019 call charges on Vodafone

Type of Vodafone tariffCost of calling 019 numbers with remaining free minutes019 call charges without inclusive minutes
Vodafone Mobile – pay as you goFree30p access charge plus 30p per minute thereafter
Vodafone Mobile – pay monthlyFree55p access charge plus 55p per minute thereafter
Landline packagesFree19p access charge plus 11.5p per minute thereafter