Are 02 numbers free to call on EE?

02 numbers are not normally free to call from EE handsets or from any other network under the current set of rules from Ofcom which came into effect in July 2015. However if you have inclusive minutes remaining on your monthly contract tariff or through your EE rewards you can call these numbers for no additional charge.

What are 02 phone numbers and how much do they cost to call?

02 phone numbers are UK landline numbers normally used by people and businesses within set geographical areas, therefore they are highly similar to phone numbers which start with an 01 telephone area code. These numbers are not technically free to call as you normally have to pay an access charge to EE alongside a per-minute rate which depends on which plan you are on. However inclusive minutes on your landline, pay as you go and monthly contract tariffs can be used instead of paying these charges, essentially allowing you to call an 02 number for free.

Cost of calling 02 numbers from an EE phone without free minutes

Type of EE planPer-call access chargePer-minute rate
EE landline customers20p per call12.5p per minute
Pay as you go customers44p per call30p per minute
EE monthly contract customers50p per call50p per minute