Are 020 numbers free to call on O2?

Generally 020 numbers are not free to call on any UK mobile network, however O2 customers can avoid charges if they have inclusive minutes remaining on their tariff.

020 numbers, which are usually registered to the UK capital city of London, are normally not free to call on O2 nor any other network in the country. However under Ofcom legislation you may use any inclusive minutes remaining on your tariff deal to call 020 numbers from O2 handsets for no charge. Customers who have used all of their remaining minutes will instead have to pay an access charge plus a per-minute rate which will be taken from their remaining account balance.

Cost of calling 020 numbers on 02 – full breakdown

O2 tariffCost of calling 020 numbers with free minutesCost of calling 020 numbers without free minutes
O2 Pay & GoFree30p access charge plus 30p per minute thereafter
Monthly contract customersFree35p access charge plus 35p per minute thereafter