Are 0207 numbers free to call on O2?

No, 0207 phone numbers are not free to call from any O2 mobile handset, regardless of whether you are on a Pay Monthly or Pay & Go tariff. This is unless you have any inclusive minutes remaining on your monthly rewards bundle as these can be used to call local area numbers such as those beginning with 0207.

What are 0207 phone numbers

0207 numbers are registered to phones in the geographic area of Greater London, which means they are often described as a local number rather than a national helpline. Individuals, families and businesses can all use 0207 numbers, however be aware that you can register these numbers from outside their normal Greater London area so be cautious if you have been called by an unknown number.

O2 call costs for 0207 phone numbers

If you have run out of free minutes from your monthly tariff or rewards bundle you will have to pay an access charge of 30p plus a rate of 30p-35p per minute depending on whether you are a Pay Monthly or Pay & Go customer. Therefore you can easily spend several pounds for long calls so it is important that you retain enough of your free minutes to make these calls without eating into your monetary credit. Similarly you cannot use these free minutes to call 0207 numbers from outside the UK using the international dial-in code +44207, thus it is recommended that you make international calls using a landline rather than your O2 mobile device unless you have a dedicated international calls bundle.