Are 0208 numbers free to call on EE?

As 0208 numbers belong to the wide set of local area code numbers they are not free of charge for EE customers, nor are they free on any other network.

How much do 0208 numbers cost to call on EE

0208 numbers are a subset of numbers registered by default to the UK capital city of London, which means they are charged at standard local rates. This means you will pay an access charge of 20p from an EE landline, 44p from a mobile pay as you go SIM or 50p for monthly contract customers. You will also have to pay a per-minute fee which naturally depends on how long the call lasts.

How you can avoid paying a charge to phone an 0208 number

As 0208 numbers are local numbers you may use free minutes in your EE tariff to call them for free, all that you will ‘pay’ is the amount of minute equivalent to the length of the call. This applies for both landline and mobile customers so all you need to do is check whether you have minutes remaining on your balance then you will be able to call any 0208 number for free within the UK.