Are 0208 numbers free to call on O2?

You cannot call 0208 numbers for free on an O2 mobile phone as these are part of the set of local UK numbers as opposed to (0800 and 0808) freephone helplines.

Cost of calling 0208 contact numbers

0208 numbers are part of the wider set of local area code numbers belonging to the UK capital city of London, this means they are not technically free to call from any UK network operator. However O2 customers may avoid charges when calling 0208 numbers if they have free inclusive minutes remaining on their tariff, although if they do not have these minutes they will have to pay a per minute fee according to the type of tariff they subscribe to.

Minimum O2 call costs for 0208 numbers (without inclusive minutes)

O2 tariffMinimum call cost when phoning 0208 numbers
O2 Pay & Go60p
Monthly contract customers70p