Are 03 numbers free to call on EE?

No, non-geographic 03 numbers are not free to call on any UK telephone network including EE. However these are charged at ‘standard local’ rates which means you can use inclusive minutes on your balance to call these helplines instead of paying additional funds to EE.

How much does it cost to call 03 numbers on EE?

You can use inclusive minutes remaining on your EE balance to call 03 telephone numbers at no monetary charge, although if you run out of minutes you will have to pay a fee to EE. This is formed of an access charge which connects the call as well as a per-minute fee, so if you run out of minutes you should limit how long you phone a company for as your eventual payment is time-dependent.

Types of 03 telephone number

  • 0300
  • 0330
  • 0333
  • 0343
  • 0344
  • 0345
  • 0370
  • 0371