Are 0300 numbers free to call on Sky Mobile?

If you have minutes remaining on your Sky Mobile allowance then you may use these to call any 0300 telephone number for free, otherwise you will be charged a per-minute fee with a minimum access charge.

All telephone numbers starting with 03 prefixes, including 0300 helplines, are charged local rates. This means it will cost the same to call these national lines as calling any 01 or 02 local number. Technically you cannot call these numbers for free, however if you have inclusive minutes on your Sky Mobile tariff (or on you allowance from any other provider) you will be able to avoid any monetary charges.

Sky Mobile call charges for phoning 0300 numbers

Cost of calling 0300 numbers with minutes remaining on allowanceCost of calling 0300 numbers (no remaining minutes)
Free10p per minute with a minimum per-call charge of 10p