Are 0300 numbers free to call on Virgin Mobile?

No, 0300 numbers are not free to call on Virgin Mobile tariffs. However if you have an inclusive use allowance you can call 0300 numbers for no additional charge, provided you have minutes left on your balance.

Profile of 0300 numbers

0300 telephone numbers are national UK helplines run by a variety of organisations, ranging from government departments to privately-owned supermarkets. Unlike freephone numbers they are charged at the same rate as local numbers, which start with either an 01 or 02 area code. This means that you can only call these numbers for free from Virgin Mobile (and all other UK providers) if you have inclusive minutes on your particular tariff. Otherwise you will be charged a per-minute rate plus a per-call access fee as outlined in the table below.

0300 call charges on Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile tariff03 call charges (with inclusive minutes)Cost of calling 0300 numbers without inclusive minutes
Pay as you goFree35p per minute (35p access charge)
Pay Monthly and SIM-onlyFree50p access fee followed by 50p per minute