Are 033 numbers free to call on O2

Calls to 033 numbers from an O2 mobile will carry no charge if you have inclusive minutes on your tariff, however if you have run out of these minutes you will be obliged to pay an access charge plus a per-minute rate.

What are 033 numbers

033 numbers, which include the telephone prefixes 0330 and 0333, are mostly used by organisations as customer service helplines as opposed to personal numbers. They are highly regarded throughout many industries as their memorable structure make it easier for their customers to remember their particular number, which may give them a competitive advantage.

Cost of calling 033 numbers on O2

Inclusive minutes on your O2 mobile tariff can be used to call 033 numbers at no additional charge, meaning all you will lose are those minutes from your balance. However if you do not have any minutes remaining on your Pay & Go or monthly contract you will be charged a per-minute fee alongside an access charge to connect the call. These are slightly different depending on which tariff you are on so please confirm these charges with O2 according to your contract type if you are unsure.