Are 0330 numbers free to call on EE?

No, 0330 telephone numbers are not free to phone from an EE phone. The are charged at local rate, the same as 01, 02 and other 03 numbers are charged.

However, if you have spare free minutes to use up, you’ll be pleased to know that 0330 numbers are compatible with free minutes allowances on EE.

Freephone numbers: 0800 & 0808

If you don’t have any free minutes and don’t have any credit either, then you’ll a truly freephone number – these usually begin with 0800 or 0808 in the UK. When you call a freephone 0808 or 0800 number from within the UK – from your EE phone or any other phone, be it a landline or mobile – you won’t be charged for the call and it won’t eat into your free minutes either.