Are 03456 numbers free to call on Vodafone?

You cannot call 03456 numbers for free on Vodafone unless you have inclusive minutes remaining on your monthly allowance.

What are 03456 numbers?

03456 numbers are non-geographic national helplines used by UK companies, charities and government organisations. Unlike local area codes these are not allocated by default to a specific locality within the country. As they have such a memorable structure 03456 numbers are highly prized at auctions.

Cost of calling 03456 numbers on Vodafone tariffs

  • Pay as you go
    • If you have inclusive minutes as a rewards bundle then you can phone 03456 numbers for no additional charge
    • Customers who have run out of pay as you go minutes will pay an access charge of 30p followed by 30p for each subsequent minute.
  • Mobile – pay monthly customers
    • Similarly inclusive minutes on your monthly contracted allowance can be used to call 03456 numbers for free
    • An access charge of 55p as well as a per-minute rate of 55p applies to Vodafone calls to 03456 numbers if you have run out of inclusive minutes.
  • Vodafone landline
    • Free evening & weekend call bundles can be used to call 03456 numbers for no charge.
    • If you do not receive inclusive minutes as part of your Vodafone landline bundle you will have to pay a per-minute rate of 11.5p as well as an access charge of 19p.