Are 0370 numbers free to call on EE?

Not quite, calls to 0370 numbers are charged at a standard local rate regardless of which EE tariff you are on. This rate also applies to 01 and 02 local numbers as well as other types of non-geographic 03 helplines.

However there is a caveat, if you have inclusive minutes on your EE tariff you can use these instead of paying this standard rates as they are fully compatible with 0370 numbers, perfect for customers making the most of their rewards bundle.

What are 0370 numbers?

0370 numbers are national non-geographic numbers which are increasingly used by companies across the UK, this is because a change in Ofcom regulations made in July 2015 makes it illegal to use higher-rate helplines starting with 0843, 0845, 0870, 0871 and similar prefixes. Therefore many companies started using 0370 numbers instead of 0870 so that loyal customers would only have to change a single digit rather than overhauling to a completely different number.

Although a charge still applies to 0370 numbers, this is far smaller than the previous rate of 13p per minute plus access charge you would’ve had to pay to call an 0870 number. Furthermore inclusive minutes deals offered by EE are compatible with 0370 helplines whereas you cannot use them on higher-rate 0870 numbers, thus saving you even more money if you have these minutes remaining on your monthly tariff.