Are 0800 numbers free to call on Vodafone?

Yes, 0800 telephone numbers are completely free to call from Vodafone mobiles and landline phones in the UK.

Since June 1st 2015 all freephone numbers (including 0800, 0808) except the ones being phased out (0500) have been free of charge to call from all landline and mobile phones in the UK. This is a new Ofcom regulation designed to catch up with changing landscape of mobile phone vs landline phone usage, whereby freephone numbers which were previously only free on landlines are now truly free to phone.

Vodafone’s standard call charges

Call DestinationCost Per Minute
Vodafone mobiles and voicemail55p
UK landlines and equivalent (01, 02 & 03 numbers)55p
Non-Vodafone mobiles55p
Non-geographic numbers (084, 087, 09, 118)55p Access Charge, plus Service Charge
Freephone numbers (0800, 0808)Free
Deprecated freephone numbers (0500)55p
Radio-paging services (076)55p per call
Personal numbering services (070)55p
Call forwarding services (07744, 07755)55p
Video calling to Vodafone UK mobiles55p
Video calling to non-Vodafone UK mobiles55p

Please note that a minimum call charge of 1 minute applies to every call.

Note also that contract features, top-up bundles and extra allowances can reduce the cost of some calls.