Are 0843 numbers free to call on Vodafone?

No, 0843 numbers are ‘service’ numbers which are never free to call from Vodafone devices, nor are they free on any other network operator.

Due to changes in Ofcom legislation 0843 numbers can no longer be used as anything other than sales hotlines making them comparatively rare compared to other types of telephone number, however they are still in existence and have larger charges than other lines. Currently Vodafone customers have to pay a service charge of 7p per minute as well as an access charge, this can be substantially larger for mobile calls in comparison to landline users so please take this into consideration if you have to dial a number starting with an 0843 prefix.

Minimum cost of calling 0843 numbers on Vodafone

Type of Vodafone tariffMinimum cost of calling 0843
Landline18p per minute
Vodafone pay as you go52p per minute
Monthly mobile customers62p per minute