Are 0844 numbers free to call on EE?

No, 0844 numbers are not free to call on EE or any other UK phone for that matter. 0844 numbers are service numbers, charged at business rate. They are not mobile friendly and they generate a commission for the company you’re calling.

0844 numbers are charged at 0-7p per minute (Service Charge) plus 11-50p per minute (Access Charge). The Service Charge is money going to the company you’re calling and their telecoms service providers, while the Access Charge goes to EE.

All 084-prefixed phone numbers including 0843, 0844 and 0845 numbers operate by the same call cost rules.

Summary of full call costs, for 0844 numbers

EE-specific Access Charges for calling 0844 numbers currently vary as follows.

Type of CustomerCall Cost Per Minute
EE Broadband and Phone customers7p (service charge) + 11p (access charge)
EE PAYG and Small Business customers7p (service charge) + 44p (access charge)
EE Pay Monthly and SIM-Only mobile customers7p (service charge) + 50p (access charge)