Are 0845 numbers free to call on Vodafone?

No, 0845 numbers are service hotlines which are not free to call on Vodafone nor any other UK telephone provider.

Cost of calling 0845 numbers on Vodafone

0845 numbers carry a service charge which is typically 7p per minute, however they also have an access charge which is substantially more expensive. Namely Vodafone pay as you go customers have to pay an access charge of 45p per minute whereas monthly contract customers pay 55p. Landline customers pay a cheaper rate of 11p per minute plus the service charge so if you have to call an 0845 number you should consider calling from your landline telephone.

Minimum 0845 call charges on Vodafone

Vodafone tariff typeMinimum cost of calling an 0845 number
Vodafone landline18p per minute
Pay as you go52p per minute
Monthly mobile contract62p per minute