Are 0871 numbers free to call on EE?

No, 0871 are not free to call from any EE device. The cost of calling these numbers can be broken down into a service charge and an access charge, the latter may be significantly higher from mobiles so always consider calling 0871 numbers from a landline.

What are 0871 numbers?

0871 numbers are UK service numbers which were heavily used by businesses before Ofcom legislation in 2015 outlawed their use as post-sales helplines. These numbers are never free to call, regardless of whether you are with EE or another network provider, plus calls from mobiles may cost up to 39p per minute more than the equivalent landline call.

EE call costs for 0871 numbers

EE landline customersPay as you go tariffsEE monthly contract
24p per minute57p per minute63p per minute