PayPal: 0800 358 7911

Call PayPal on 0800 358 7911

Contact PayPal to discuss any issues with your account or its transactions, on their freephone UK customer service number 0800 358 7911.

Thanks for calling PayPal. Your call may be recorded for quality and training purposes. We are currently experiencing unforeseen high call volumes, and apologize in advance for the extended queue time you may experience.

For a faster service, visit our help centre at, where you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions. You can also email us from our website to avoid long hold times. Thank you for your patience; your enquiry will be handled as quickly as possible.

Please say or enter the six-digit One-Time Passcode provided to you on the Paypal website. Or say ‘I don’t have one’. You can also say ‘one moment’.

If you have a six-digit One-Time Passcode from the Paypal website, please say or enter it now. Or say ‘just a moment’, or ‘I don’t have one’.

I didn’t hear anything. Your One-Time Passcode can be found on the ‘contact us by phone’ page where you found our phone number. Use your keypad to enter it now.

  1. If you need a minute to find it, press 1. Otherwise if you don’t have one, press hash.
  2. I’m sorry I still didn’t hear anything. If you’d like to continue with this call, say ‘continue’ or press 1.

If you’re still there, say ‘continue’ or press 1. Otherwise I’ll have to disconnect this call.

I’m sorry I’m not hearing anything. You may need to hang up and call back from a different phone. I’ll have to disconnect now.

Thanks for calling PayPal – goodbye.

0800 358 7911
12:28, Mon 08 Feb 2016