Tesco Direct & Tesco Mobile: 0800 323 4050

Call Tesco Direct & Tesco Mobile on 0800 323 4050

Call Tesco Direct about mobile phones, electricals and household goods on freephone 0800 323 4050.

Thanks for calling Tesco Direct. Just so you know, we sometimes record calls so we can continue to give you the best possible service. We now have 6 options for you:

  1. If your call is relating to a mobile phone, press 1.
  2. If your call is regarding CDs, DVDs, or games, press 2.
  3. If you’d like to place a new order, or have questions before ordering, press 3.
  4. To talk to us about goods you have already received, or are awaiting a delivery, it’s 4.
  5. For technical help using our website, it’s 5.
  6. To hear these options again, please press 6.
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