Virgin Credit Cards: 0800 011 3210

Call Virgin Credit Cards on 0800 011 3210

Phone the Virgin Credit Cards customer service helpline on freephone contact number 0800 011 3210.

Hello. Virgin Credit Cards here. Thanks for calling today.

Tell us how we can help you today by picking one of six options. To choose an option, use the buttons on your phone.

  1. To make a debit card payment, press 1.
  2. To find out the balance of your most recent transaction, press 2.
  3. To transfer a balance to your Virgin Credit Card, or move money from your Virgin Credit Card to your bank account, press 3.
  4. To tell us your card has been lost or stolen, it’s 4.
  5. If you’re calling about a recent application, or haven’t received your card, it’s 5.
  6. Or for anything else, it’s 6.

Remember to select an option, by using the numbers on your phone.

We think a member of our team may be able to help you better. While we pass you order you should remember that your call may be recorded for training and monitoring.

Virgin Credit Cards

Other freephone numbers that route their calls to the same helpline service include: 0800 015 0306.