Zenith Marque – Claims: 0800 072 2050

Call Zenith Marque on 0800 072 2050

Contact Zenith Marque (formerly Chaucer) to make a claim on your car or motor insurance, employers’ public liability insurance or any other Zenith Marque insurance product by calling their UK freephone claims hotline telephone number 0800 072 2050.

Welcome to Chaucer Insurance. For training and monitoring purposes, your call may be recorded. Please have ready any correspondence recently received from Chaucer Insurance.

  1. If you are reporting a new motor claim, please press 1.
  2. If you are reporting a new employers’ or public liability claim, please press 2.
  3. If you are calling about an existing claim, please press 3.
0800 072 2050
15:06, Wed 24 Feb 2016