Are 0113 numbers free to call?

You cannot phone 0113 numbers for free on any UK landline or mobile network unless your provider has allocated you the use of inclusive minutes as these can be used to phone local area code numbers.

Standard costs of phoning 0113 numbers

You will usually have to pay an access fee plus a per minute rate to your provider when calling a Leeds phone number using their 0113 area code. However if you get the use of inclusive minutes on your landline or mobile tariff you can use any remaining minutes to phone 0113 numbers for free.

Minimum cost of phoning 0113 numbers on UK networks (excluding free inclusive minutes)

  • EE – Landline customers will pay a minimum of 12.5p per minute plus a 20p access charge to phone 0113 numbers. EE Mobile customers on a pay as you go tariff will pay an access fee of 44p followed by 30p per minute.
  • O2 – Customers on O2 Pay & Go will usually pay an access fee of 30p followed by a rate of 30p per minute to call 0113 numbers.
  • Vodafone – Calls to 0113 numbers from Vodafone landlines are charged at 11.5p per minute with a 19p access charge. Alternatively pay as you go customers will be charged 30p per minute plus a 30p access fee.