Are 0870 numbers free to call?

No, 0870 numbers are never free to call on any UK landline or mobile network as they are premium service numbers, therefore if you have to call these hotlines keep the duration of the call as short as possible.

Cost of phoning 0870 numbers

Call charges for 0870 numbers are separated into two parts, firstly there is a service charge of up to 13p per minute which goes to the company you are phoning. Simultaneously you will pay a per-minute access charge to your provider, this is usually significantly higher for mobile customers compared to landline calls hence always use a fixed line to call 0870 numbers where possible. Finally please note that inclusive minutes on your tariff cannot be used to call 0870 numbers, hence you will always pay a monetary fee.

Maximum cost of phoning 0870 numbers

  • EE – Monthly mobile customers on EE tariffs will pay a maximum of 63p per minute (13p service rate, 50p access charge) to phone 0870 numbers.
  • O2 – When phoning 0870 numbers O2 Mobile customers on monthly contracts will be charged 68p per minute (13p service rate, 52p access charge) maximum.
  • Vodafone – Customers on monthly Vodafone Mobile contracts will have to pay a maximum of 68p per minute (13p service rate, 52p access charge) when calling 0870 numbers.