BT: 0800 800 150

Call BT on 0800 800 150

To contact BT customer services about your home phone, broadband or anything else, call their 24-hour helpline on freephone number 0800 800 150.

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BT Correspondence Centre,
Providence Row,
DH98 1BT,
United Kingdom.

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Call BT on freephone 0800 800 150

Company: BT

0800 800 150 is a BT phone number.

BT is a trading name of British Telecom (British Telecommunications).

You can call this freephone number to speak to BT’s sales, billing, technical support and customer services staff about BT’s products such as BT Sport and the BT Infinity broadband service.

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Call cost: free

0800 numbers are freephone (toll-free) numbers, so it’s free to call 0800 800 150 from all standard landlines and mobile phones in the UK, but chargeable if calling from a payphone or from abroad.

Routing: non-geographic

08 numbers are non-geographic numbers (NGNs).

Calls to non-geographic phone numbers, such as 0800 800 150 and other numbers beginning with 08, usually have poorer sound quality than calls to geographic numbers (beginning 01 or 02).

From outside the UK dial +44 800 800 150

If you want to call BT from abroad, just replace the leading zero (0) with the UK’s international dialling code (+44) so the number 0800 800 150 becomes +44 800 800 150. This is equal to dialling 0044 800 800 150 so long as your country’s international dial out code is double zero (00).

Call BT on freephone 0800 800 150

Alternative numbers

Freephone (Cheapest)Geographic (Clearest)
0800 800 1500207 356 5000
  • 0800 111 4567 – This is an alternative freephone number to BT’s main customer service number 0800 800 150 which puts you through to exactly the same helpline with the same menu options and notices.


Welcome to BT. Please enter the phone number you’re calling about.

  • If you’re calling about your Home Phone or Broadband, press 1.
  • For TV and Sport, it’s 2.
  • For Mobile, choose 3.
  • For help with your BT Email or Cloud account, it’s 4.
  • To report suspicious and nuisance contact, and learn how to protect yourself, press 5.

Please hold.

0800 800 150
2024-02-09 11:10

Hello. Thanks for calling BT.

  • In a few words please tell us how we can help you today. You can say things like “to upgrade my BT Broadband” or “to setup a direct debit”. What’s the reason for your call?

You now have 4 options:

  1. To place, or check on an order, or just to find out more about our products, press 1.
  2. If you’re calling about your bill or payments, choose 2.
  3. For faults or technical help, it’s 3.
  4. If you’re moving home, or want to stop your service, press 4.

  1. If you’re calling from the telephone you want to speak about, press 1.
  2. Otherwise, press 2.

  • Please enter the full phone number you’d like to talk about.
0800 800 150
19:45, Thu 29 Oct 2015

Welcome to BT.

  1. For Sales and Order enquiries, including moving your service, please press One.
  2. For all billing issues, it’s Two.
  3. If it’s about a fault, or to get help with any of your services, choose Three.
  4. Or for anything else, press Four.
0207 356 5000
18:55, Thu 29 Oct 2015

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