Are 0161 numbers free to call?

UK telephone numbers starting with an 0161 area code are not free to call on landline and mobile handsets unless your provider has allocated you the use of inclusive minutes as these can be used instead incurring the standard charges.

Standard costs of calling 0161 numbers

Calling a personal or business landline using an 0161 number, typically registered to the Manchester area, will usually cost you a per-minute rate plus an access charge which is set by your provider. However you can avoid these costs if you have inclusive minutes remaining on your particular tariff as these can be used to phone all UK area code numbers for no additional charge.


Highest charges of phoning 0161 numbers without free inclusive minutes

  1. Vodafone customers on a monthly mobile contract are currently charged a 55p access fee alongside a 55p per-minute rate when calling local landlines in Manchester.
  2. Mobile customers on an EE contract currently pay 50p per minute plus an flat charge of 50p to call 0161 telephone numbers.
  3. O2 mobile customers currently pay a maximum of 35p per minute alongside a 35p access charge when phoning UK landline numbers which start with an 0161 prefix.