Are 019 numbers free to call?

Local UK numbers starting with 019 prefixes are not free to call unless you receive inclusive minutes on your monthly landline or mobile bundle, otherwise you will have to pay a per-minute rate alongside an access fee which are determined by your provider.

Cost of phoning 019 numbers

Although 019 numbers are used in several UK areas they cost the exact same regardless of where you call them from. Usually you will pay a per-minute rate plus an access charge to your provider when calling 019 numbers, however any inclusive minutes on your mobile tariff or free calls on your landline package can be used instead of incurring these monetary fees. If you are uncertain of your provider’s call charges it is wise to confirm them before making a call, however we have compiled useful summaries of the maximum call charges on each UK network for you to check:

Maximum cost of phoning 019 numbers on EE
Without free minutes you will have to pay a maximum 50p per minute plus an access charge of 50p to call 019 numbers on EE
Highest possible cost of calling 019 numbers from an O2 handset
O2 Mobile customers currently pay a maximum of 35p per minute plus a 35p connection fee to call 019 telephone numbers
Vodafone customers: maximum call charges whilst calling 019 numbers
If you have run out of inclusive minutes you will pay a per-minute fee of 55p plus a one-off 55p access charge to phone 019 numbers