Are 0300 numbers free to call?

UK telephone numbers starting with the non-geographic 0300 code are not free to call on any landline or mobile provider unless you have inclusive minutes remaining on your balance.

Standard cost of calling 0300 numbers

You can call 0300 numbers for free on UK landline and mobile networks if your provider has allocated the use of inclusive minutes as these can be used to phone 01, 02 and 03 numbers for free (however you will still lose these minutes from your balance). However if you have run out of these minutes or they are not included on your pay as you go tariff you will instead have to pay a single access charge followed by a per-minute rate to make the call.

Cost of phoning 0300 numbers on UK networks

EE call costs for 0300 numbers
EE handles billions of calls each year as the (current) leading mobile network provider in the United Kingdom.
How much does it cost to call 0300 numbers on O2?
O2 is one of the leading networks operators in the UK with a wide range of personal and business tariffs.
Cost of calling 0300 numbers on Vodafone
Vodafone customers can browse our dedicated pages for detailed information about the cost of phoning 0300 numbers on their network.
Virgin Mobile call charges for 0300 numbers
Customers with Virgin Mobile can get a full breakdown of call charges which apply to calling 0300 numbers, here you can also confirm the conditions in which you can phone these helplines for free.
What are the costs of calling 0300 numbers on Three (3)?
Launched on March 3rd 2003 (03/03/03), Three was one of the earliest adopters of 3G networking in the United Kingdom.
Cost of calling 0300 numbers on BT Mobile
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How much does it cost to call 0300 numbers on Tesco Mobile?
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Sky Mobile tariffs for calling 0300 numbers
As one of the newest mobile network operators in the UK, Sky Mobile offers a range of SIM-only and contract tariffs with a particular emphasis on mobile data.