Are 033 numbers free to call?

UK telephone numbers starting with 033 prefixes (0330 & 0333) are only free to call if you have inclusive minutes on your mobile or landline tariff, otherwise you will be charged at standard local rates.

Cost of calling 033 numbers

If you have run out of inclusive minutes you will have to pay the standard charges associated with calling local telephone numbers and all national 03 helplines in order to call a number starting with an 033 prefix. In this scenario you would be charged a variable per-minute rate plus an access charge used to connect the call – these are determined by your provider and differ depending on which particular tariff you are on.

UK mobile networks – cost of phoning 033 numbers

033 call costs on EE
As of 2017 EE is the largest provider of mobile telecommunications in the United Kingdom, which is why we have compiled an extensive guide on the cost of calling 033 numbers on this network.
How much does it cost to call 033 numbers on O2?
O2 forms part of the wider Centrica group, making it amongst the busiest mobile network operators across Europe.
033 call charges on Vodafone
Vodafone offer their UK mobile customers a range of pay as you go tariffs and monthly contracts, moreover they have a landline package for fixed connections.