Are 0330 numbers free to call?

If you call a number starting with a 0330 prefix you will usually pay standard local-rate charges, however you can phone these lines for free if you get inclusive minutes as part of your tariff deal.

0330 numbers are technically not free to call however inclusive minutes can be used instead of the usual monetary fees paid to your provider. If you do not receive minutes on your tariff or you have run out of them you will have to pay a per-minute rate plus a single access charge to make the call.

Cost of calling 0330 numbers on UK networks

  • Maximum cost of calling 0330 numbers on EE: currently you will pay a maximum of 50p per minute plus an access charge of 50p to call 0330 numbers on EE if you have run out of inclusive minutes.
  • Highest charges for calling 0330 numbers on O2: if you have an O2 mobile contract you will pay a maximum of 35p per minute with a 35p access charge to phone a number which starts with 0330.
  • Maximum 0330 charges on Vodafone: customers with Vodafone will pay 55p per minute to call 0330 numbers, a 55p access fee is also applied.