Are 08 numbers free to call?

UK phone numbers starting with 0800 and 0808 prefixes are always free to call on mobile and landline handsets. However 084 and 087 numbers are never free of charge, nor can you use inclusive minutes instead of incurring these call charges.

Calling 0800 and 0808 numbers

Freephone numbers start with 0800 and 0808 prefixes and as their name suggests they are completely free to call on all UK telephones (excluding payphones). Furthermore you will not lose any inclusive minutes remaining on your tariff balance when calling these helplines.

Cost of calling 084 and 087 numbers

Unlike freephone numbers 084 and 087 hotlines are never free to call, regardless of which UK network you are on. The charges for calling these numbers consists of a service charge of up to 13p per minute plus an access charge which is usually considerably higher for mobile customers in comparison to landline calls.

Network-specific call charges for 08 numbers

Details of 08 call charges on EE
EE is currently (as of 2017) the largest provider of mobile telephone communications in the UK, which is partly due to the fact it was formed as a merger of two highly successful networks: Orange and T-Mobile. Furthermore they also have a popular business landline division.
Cost of phoning 08 numbers on O2
Formally owned by BT before their acquisition of EE, O2 is now part of the Telefónica portfolio thus is part of one of the largest global providers of mobile telecommunications.
08 call costs for Vodafone customers
Vodafone is another multinational mobile network operator with successful operations in the UK and Europe as well as emerging markets in Africa.